The Executive


Executive Collection


This bundle contains all three boxes, for those who live the CEO lifestyle and want nothing but the best for their friends. Shortly after The Executive Collection is delivered to your friend at their lefty office job, you can rest assured they will hear the words “YOU’RE FIRED” slip out of their boss’s mouth.

The boxes measures 24 x 12 x 29 inches, when stacked, and includes a sprinkle of our star-spangled crinkle paper as well as a postcard that will feature your name (optional – so your friend knows who sent it).

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About the

Embarrass your friends

Take our word for it, there is nothing more embarrassing for your left-leaning friends than to have a Trump box show up at their doorstep. Even the thought of Trump is enough to make them call Bernie and ask him to sing a lullaby (probably one entitled Eat the Rich).

Make a charitable impact

In addition to helping support our creative work, a portion of all purchases go directly to Feeding America. If there’s one thing that both parties can agree on, it’s that no child or family should have to go hungry.

Confuse your co-workers

Karen from accounting has been getting on your nerves for a while now. She’s a little too political in the office, and she’s very vocal about her distaste for Trump. Show her who’s the real boss by delivering an anonymous presidential package right to her desk.


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